How It All Got Started

All it took was the making of one bar of soap in my friend's kitchen in 2013, for Anahata Handmade Products, LLC to come into existence. I make each bath and body product from scratch using only the highest quality components, including essential oils and fragrance oils. Imagine if you will, coming home from your long day and knowing that you are going home to an experience in your bath or shower given to you from Anahata Handmade Products. It’s something that can get you through your day right?!!

Hello, my name is Synthia Richardson and I am the founder of Anahata Handmade Products. My products make you feel good on both the outside and inside. Let me explain...

I make each bath, body and home products from scratch using only the highest quality components, including essential oils and fragrance oils. Do you like having your skin feel soft, supple and seductively scented? Would you like people you pass to catch your scent in the breeze and be reminded of autumn, sunny days, happy memories or....just plain sexy? We all know of a scent that can be so powerful that it evokes a memory. Scents can also help make you feel energized, rejuvenated or sensitive to your emotions. While my products can evoke feelings and recreate memories, at the same time, my handcrafted products help your skin radiate with healthy moisture and give you the fragrance you love. My treatment products act as skin refreshers that detoxify and can clear your skin from problems such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. 

My favorite scent is the fragrance oil Downy. It reminds me of my children and fresh, clean laundry. You see, in 2002 my 3 year old son died suddenly from pneumonia. His birthday happens to be December 26th. Like you, I have had many heartaches and struggles but I always come out on top. ANAHATA is a Sanskrit word which means, unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten. It is the heart chakra, my strongest chakra which radiates green and pink in color. The products created by Anahata Handmade Products, LLC, are all created and handmade by me. I make sure that my treatment products are tested in small test groups and I do extensive research to ensure a quality product for you and your loved ones.

In 2018, I expanded my company to include home product such as wooden wick candles and wax melts. So not only will you smell amazing but you home will as well. I’m excited to introduce even more products this year and happy that you will be a part of the experience.